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So ... I noticed a couple people have joined, so welcome and… - Significant Others of Healthcare Workers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Significant Others of Healthcare Workers

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[Jul. 13th, 2006|06:35 pm]
Significant Others of Healthcare Workers


So ... I noticed a couple people have joined, so welcome and everything. I figured I would introduce myself.

My name is Alli, I'm 21 and a full time student studying psychology. I've been dating Colin, my significant other, for almost 2 years. He's an EMT and works as an ER Tech for a hosptial (But I'll let him introduce himself more :) )

As far as stuff about me:
I am passionate about: people in general. I like helping others, I try to be supportive emotionally and mentally as much as I can to my friends & those around me. I am also passionate about books, music, & animals (I have 4 cats)

my career/career goals: I plan on getting my masters in psychology once I am finished with my undergrad. From there I'll open up a private counseling practice & teach psychology a local college.

biggest struggle with my partner working healthcare:I have panic disorder, which makes dealing with long shifts sort of an extra challenge. Colin is my security and it defintley makes it tough when he's not around. Especially because nights are the hardest for me, and he generally works a lot of night shifts.

what works best in our realtionship: 1) i do really enjoy that he ends up with 3 or 4 days off. we try to spend those days doing things together that we both enjoy. 2) i talk to him on his commute home (45 minutes) where he can tell me all about his day & I can tell him about mine. So we still feel apart of each others lives even when we can't physically be there.

i look forward to meeting everyone here...

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